Coming to America: Beinvenidos App to Guide Immigrants for Illegal Border Crossing

There Really is an App for Everything

Beinvenidos is Spanish for “welcome”.  It also may soon be an app to aid illegal immigrants in their US-Mexican border crossing.  With the recent controversy surrounding the proposed DACA paths to citizenship, this app would cause political waves in both parties.  The makers of the application initially contacted Brian Anderson at Motherboard as one of the journalists to aid in the press debut of the controversial application.  However, the website hosting information about the app became password protected Wednesday night.  The Beinvenidos team also posted a 92 second video to Youtube.  It has since been deleted.

Beinvenidos app
Image: Beinvenidos via Motherboard

The basic idea of the application was to load a map application that would show the user real time locations of Border Patrol agents.  There was no explanation given of how this would be accomplished, but the developers gave the following outline of Beinvenidos capabilities to Brian Anderson:

Bienvenidos will enable users to “outsmart any border wall” with tips about “vulnerabilities and weak spots” in existing fencing and barricades, and to “share tunneling locations and conditions” and drop pins for other crossers along the way. The company site also said it plans to eventually expand the service to France, Germany, the UK, Greece, the Netherlands, and Spain.

No Signs that Beinvenidos is Real Despite Claims

No demo of the Beinvenidos app was shown to the Motherboard team, or any other media outlet.  The apps developers claim that it would be impractical given the nature of the application.   More to the point, if the application does indeed exist it would definitely create a legal problem for the developers as its entire design and intent is to aid in the commission of a crime.  Many on one side of the political issues surrounding immigration would overlook that fact, but the point wasn’t lost on Robert Bunker, an adjunct professor at Claremont Graduate University.  Mr. Bunker stated that the app wouldn’t be utilized by individuals seeking to cross the border, either.  According to Bunker, the activity has come under the domain of the Cartels.

For further information, please see the story by Brian Anderson for Motherboard, with additional reporting by Jason Koebler.

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