Soros, Davos Get Trumped

Today George Soros took the podium to address ultra-rich attendees at the World Economic Forum, an open and more public form of Bilderberg meeting.  Titans of many industries and many world leaders are the only invitees.  Don't expect much coverage of the content of the presenters on local mainstream media channels, but Bloomberg had a... Continue Reading →

IG Horowitz: Missing Texts Between Strzock and Page Recovered

#Releasethememo to Get New Influx of Tweets as Over Five Months of Messages Spanning Dec '16-May '17 Recovered #Releasethememo gets new fuel for its fire as the "lost" messages between two FBI agents highly critical of the Trump Administration are recovered.  The messages have not been released.  There is speculation that Andrew McCabe will soon... Continue Reading →

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