$400 Million Stolen From Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck

Coincheck was one of the few crypto exchanges that used hot wallets not cold wallets, which are not secure No excuses or explanations were given so far in this case, but it's under current investigation by Japanese Financial Services Authorities.  This is by far the largest theft in the history of the world.  Other suspicious activity... Continue Reading →

Just Adding the Word “Blockchain” Skyrockets Stock Values

The Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton, put the heat on some companies in one of his speeches at the Securities Regulation Institute.  He was directing his comments towards companies that are looking to get a boost from the blockchain buzz.  Apparently, several companies- some rather well known- have been giving blatantly... Continue Reading →

One Day You May Hear About Tether… This is What You Won’t Read

If you followed the crypto-news this past week, I'm sure you read about the seeming correction of the entire crytpo-market. However, keen eyes over at CNBC had spotted one token that slightly gained. It's Tether and it token seems to be steaming ahead, but things aren't really as straightforward as they seem. What is Tether... Continue Reading →

What is Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Blockchain, Anyway?

It seems like everyone is asking, "What's blockchain?", "What is Bitcoin?", "What's the difference between cryptocurrency A. vs B., like Bitcoin vs Ethereum?" Well, if you're suspicious about this whole Bitcoin, Ethereum or Blockchain business, you're not alone. Important questions about the new technology haven't been answered, namely who invented Bitcoin? Coupled with most people's... Continue Reading →

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