Coming to America: Beinvenidos App to Guide Immigrants for Illegal Border Crossing

There Really is an App for Everything Beinvenidos is Spanish for "welcome".  It also may soon be an app to aid illegal immigrants in their US-Mexican border crossing.  With the recent controversy surrounding the proposed DACA paths to citizenship, this app would cause political waves in both parties.  The makers of the application initially contacted Brian Anderson at... Continue Reading →

Did Apple Have Trump Gov’t Block this Chinese Flagship from Carrier Shelves?

It's really hard to get a break in a new market.  It's doubly hard for a Chinese company trying to achieve competitive scale in the US market.  Ask Huawei, 4th largest global manufacturer of mobile phones.  They were poised to launch their first US distribution channel with AT&T when a funny thing happened: Red Scare... Continue Reading →

Is Showbox a Piracy App for Android and iOS? If So, It’s a Great One!

What is Showbox and how is it installed? Showbox for Android exists outside of the Google Play store.  It allows you to stream or download movies directly on your Android device.  Apple fans also have access to Showbox for iOS.  We can also install it on iOS if you follow a few more steps.  To... Continue Reading →

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