Is Showbox a Piracy App for Android and iOS? If So, It’s a Great One!

What is Showbox and how is it installed?

Showbox for Android exists outside of the Google Play store.  It allows you to stream or download movies directly on your Android device.  Apple fans also have access to Showbox for iOS.  We can also install it on iOS if you follow a few more steps.  To install it on Android devices you must search “Showbox.apk download” from an internet browser.  Find a reliable site then check the downloaded file for viruses.  Go to your settings and use the search feature to find the term “unknown sources”.  Click the result and change the setting to allow apps from outside of Google Play.  That’s it.

Is Showbox for Android and iOS safe?

Showbox isn’t bad news unless you download a file with a virus or spyware.  It’s has been around for four years now. Who are the makers of Showbox?  I really couldn’t say for sure, but based on the fact that a lot of the movies have Korean and Chinese subtitles… I’m guessing that it’s coming out of Asia.  Then again, maybe the Russians did it!  I can say for sure Showbox doesn’t have very many legal issues.  There are advertisements from mainstream companies being displayed it’s hard to think otherwise.

If you have witnessed a problem with the safety of the app leave a comment for everyone that will read this after you.  However, please think before you post about downloading a bad file.  Downloading a popular file without knowing the source to be trustworthy is a bad decision.  Always take the time to investigate a download link first.  Use this link to to check a download link, website, or downloaded file.  Virustotal is an online tool that doesn’t require a download.  It will give you and extra layer of security.

Ok, but is it legal?

Some people may believe that downloading and using Showbox puts you on the fast track to legal troubles.  Let me tell you how the app is able to stay online and even gain some advertising revenue.  Showbox operates in a gray area and doesn’t have a server in the United States.  Knowledge of the theft of intellectual property gives a guilt trip to some potential users.

showbox app piracy

Here is another definition of digital piracy from researchgate :

…the act of reproducing, using, or distributing information products, in digital formats and/or using digital technologies, without the authorization of their legal owners.

Final Word

Content is king online.  Without great photos on Instagram, videos on Youtube, and music on Spotify your smartphone would feel like a really dumb purchase.  Android and iOS have really great app stores, but if you want to stream feature films you usually have to fork over the price of a Netflix subscription.  That’s the biggest negative for Netflix it’s not free.  However, they are the go to streaming app because of the content they deliver.  Showbox has nearly all the best shows on broadcast TV and cable.  They also have some of the greatest movies of all time and often a couple of new releases still in theaters.

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